What cause Snoring

What cause Snoring at night

snoirng causeSo you think that you don’t snore and yet your wife or partner complains every morning of suffering from an interrupted night’s sleep. Do you also feel tired and fatigued during the day – like you haven’t slept at all? I was like that for many years, always tired, always having no energy. I was shifted to another bedroom so my wife could get a peaceful night’s sleep. All this time I did nothing about it and denied that I had a snoring problem.

My snoring could probably be termed as mild, as mostly I would stop when my wife would kick or shake me or if I shifted my body position, or you can have a severe case snoring disorder where nothing really stops the noise. They say one of the symptoms of snoring is a bruised leg – from continued kicking from your partner!! Either way, like me, you need treatment. Sleep disorders are without doubt one of biggest causes of lack of intimacy between couples and has in some cases led to separation and divorce. Snoring has some real social issues but in addition can have some serious medical implications as well. We’ll look at those later on. You do have options, you can overcome this problem now

Main reasons for Snoring
There can be many contributing factors that can bring about snoring. But while snoring symptoms are many and varied you need to identify the ones that apply to you and then seek to remedy them and either stop snoring naturally, or with an anti snoring device or worst case scenario get some surgery for snoring. The way that you snore can help in diagnosing why you snore. Whether you snore with your mouth closed or open can indicate whether your problem is your tongue or throat tissue. If you can find out what causes your snoring and then how to stop that snoring, this will undoubtedly improve your sleep and health but will also make a huge difference in your relationships with your wife or partner.

Below I have listed most of the factors that causes snoring;

• Because of your poor sleeping position. When you lie flat on the back your throat and tongue muscles tend to relax, thus blocking the air passages.

• Adenoid or throat soft tissue abnormalities. This is where the airway passage in your nose or throat has become restricted because you have too much tissue and so the air has to pass through a much more restricted passage.

• Enlarged or swollen tonsils can be a problem, however the good thing is your tonsils can be removed.

• Because your throat is so relaxed, that when the air flows past the tissues they tend to vibrate and so the consequent sound is the one your wife or partner so hates. Usually occurs when drunk or in very deep sleep.

• Your tongue’s position can restrict smooth flow of air through the air passages.

• As you age the muscles tone of your throat decreases and there is also an increased narrowing of your throat passage.

• Hereditary factors such as a narrow throat or the other physical abnormalities.

• If you are a male you generally will have a narrower nasal and throat air passage.

• If you have a bad cold, asthma, sinus infection or any allergies these can make your inhalation difficult and so lead to noisy breathing.

• If you are a smoker this causes the relaxation of your muscles while creating congestion of your nasal passage and lungs.

• Being overweight and out of shape. This can mean you will have increased the fatty tissue in your neck, resulting in the constriction of your throat. In addition you will lose muscle tone in your neck which contributes to snoring.

• Alcohol and some medications can also cause the relaxation of muscles in your tongue and throat.

• Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder where you unknowingly pause your breathing while sleeping. It is where one or more breaths are missed concurrently and occurs generally repeatedly throughout the night.

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